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Oct 29, 2018

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment period for 2019 coverage in the health insurance marketplace runs Nov. 1-Dec 15, and K-State Research and Extension has handful of experts who can help people navigate through the array of options.

In this special episode, we talk with three Family and Consumer Sciences agents (whose voices you hear in this order):

They worked through the Kansas Association of the Medically Underserved to become Navigators, a network of specially trained counselors who provide unbiased help for community members enrolling in the healthcare marketplace.

During last year’s open enrollment period, these three helped approximately 200 people with their enrollments and identified tax credits that – when they were all added up – saved those Kansans roughly $1 million over the course of 2018.

This “Million Dollar Trio” are the only three in the K-State Research and Extension system with Navigator training, but there are Navigators all over the state who can help people with their 2019 enrollment.

The conversation in this episode was all about this year’s open enrollment period and spreading the word about the resources available to people all across the state. So if you or someone you know is eligible to sign up for insurance through the marketplace, this episode is for you.


Those interested in finding their nearest Navigator may also call 211 for assistance.

One thing to keep in mind: Just because someone may have chosen a plan last year does not mean that plan will remain the same this year. And if someone wants to change or even leave a plan, they need to turn in the correct forms.

Those who schedule a meeting at a Navigator’s office should bring:

  • Your smart phone or email address and password so you can log into your account
  • Recent tax returns
  • A list of medications you take – to make sure the coverage you’re looking at will cover those prescriptions

All counseling sessions are 100 percent confidential.